Legal Notice

1. Website owner identification data

The identification data of the owner of this website (hereafter the web or website) are as follows:
Marina Valero Burgos,
Address: Hans-Tombrock-Str. 4, 44263, Dortmund (Germany)
Spanish national identity card number: 48346459E
German tax identification number: DE815423163

Holder of a Licentiate’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting awarded by the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Alicante on 7 July 2004.
Sworn Translator-Interpreter of English as appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation on 2 March 2005. Registered under No 4721 with the language office at the above-mentioned Ministry.

You can contact VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS directly by:
Telephone: +49 231 9109125 (landline) / +49 176 32471097 (mobile)

2. Purpose of the website

VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS uses this website to offer and promote its translation, editing and revision services for texts translated from English and German into Spanish, as well as to offer and promote its sworn English-Spanish translation services.
Although the services offered cannot be contracted electronically on the website, you can obtain further information or request a quotation from VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS via the various channels available, including the contact form and our email address .
We also offer information that we consider to be relevant via our website blog.

3. Proper use of the website

By accessing and/or using the website you undertake to make proper use, at all times and as set out in these Terms of Use, of the resources made available to you and to uphold the principles of public decency, order and morality and to abide by applicable law, refraining from causing harm either to VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS or any third party and from using these resources to engage in activities that are unlawful or contrary to the principles of good faith and public order. You likewise undertake not to cause harm to the physical and logical systems of VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS, its suppliers or third parties, nor to introduce or propagate internet viruses or any other physical or logical systems likely to cause harm to VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS or third parties.

3.1. Protection of personal data. Veracity of the data provided:
The forms on this website via which we collect personal data will display information regarding the processing of those data and the purpose and legal basis for doing so. They will also display information about your rights as per our Privacy Policy and the applicable regulations on data protection.
As the user, you are responsible for ensuring that the data you provide us with are up to date and complete, accurate and truthful. We accept no liability for non-compliance with the above requirements regarding the data you provide.

4. Liability

4.1. Operation of the website:
Access to the website may be prevented or hindered by lack of availability or errors. We shall take all action necessary to restore or repair the website as soon as we become aware of any such incident, barring cases in which causes beyond our control prevent or hinder such restoration or repair.

4.2. Exemption from liability:
We accept no liability for harm caused to the documents or files stored on your system due to the presence of viruses on the terminal you used to connect to the services and content of this website, nor due to the use of outdated browser versions or malfunction thereof.

5. Intellectual property

Intellectual property: VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS is the owner of the rights to all the elements and/or content, such as images, audio, video, software or text, published on the website, as well as to the trademarks and logos, colour combinations and structure and design, and to the applications necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.
Reproduction, distribution, publication — including of the form in which it is made available — and alteration in part or full of the content of the website on any medium and by any technical means is strictly forbidden without the prior express authorisation in writing of VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS.
Performing any of the above constitutes an infringement of the exclusive intellectual property rights held by VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS.
Users therefore undertake to uphold those rights and, in addition, to refrain from deleting, altering, circumventing or manipulating any protection or security systems installed on the website.

6. Links policy

6.1. Links from other websites:
If you wish to create a link from a webpage on another internet portal to any of the webpages on this website you must comply with the following conditions:
- Reproduction in part or full of any of the services or content on the website is not permitted, nor is creation of deep links, image (IMG) links or frames containing the website without the express prior authorisation of the owner in writing.

  • Reproduction in part or full of any of the services or content on the website is not permitted, nor is creation of deep links, image (IMG) links or frames containing the website without the express prior authorisation of the owner in writing.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements may be made in relation to the website or the services or content available on it. Except for the marks that form part of the link, the webpage on which the link is created may not contain any trademark, tradename, trade sign, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive marks owned by VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS unless expressly authorised thereby.
  • Creation of a link will not imply the existence of a relationship between VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS and the owner of the webpage or portal on which the link is created, nor will it imply knowledge and acceptance by VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS of the services and content available on that webpage or portal.

6.2. Links to other websites:
The website may contain links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. The sole intention in doing so is to facilitate users’ access to information, content and services on the internet without VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS being deemed in any way to market, direct, control or take ownership of the content, services, information and statements included on those websites.
VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS accepts no direct, indirect or subsidiary liability for the content, information, notices, opinions or services on linked websites not managed by VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS and accessible via our website. Neither does it provide any guarantee that those linked websites are free of viruses or other elements that may affect users’ hardware, software, documents or files and accepts no liability for any harm caused to the user as a consequence thereof.

7. Breach. Right to block users

Any breach of these Terms of Use may be prosecuted, as may any improper use of the website. VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS reserves the right to take all legal action to which it is entitled to defend its legitimate interests. VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS reserves the right to withdraw or deny access to the website, without prior notice and as it deems fit or at the request of third parties, to users who breach these Terms of Use.

8. Amendment of these terms

VALERO BURGOS TRANSLATIONS may amend these Terms of Use at any time, undertaking to publish them as done here. These Terms of Use will remain in effect for as long as they are published on this website or until they are amended by other duly published Terms of Use.

9. Governing law

These Terms of Use will be governed by the laws of Germany.