Any document, whether it is a personal letter, business letter, contract, operating manual, or website, is unique, is intended for a specific audience, has a specific tone, and serves a specific purpose. A translation of such a document needs to reflect the original well, but also needs to take cultural characteristics of the target language into account. Translation is not about individual words, but about the document as a whole and its purpose. When translating technical documents, it is also necessary to choose the right terminology and use the jargon commonly spoken by professionals in the specific field.

I offer you the translation of your technical documentation (instruction and maintenance manuals, user’s manuals), your documents (contracts, business correspondence, and reports), or your website or online shop from English and German into Spanish.

Terminological and stylistic consistency

In the field of technical documentation, terminological and stylistic consistency is essential to ensure the text will be properly understood. Choosing well-defined terms and using them consistently is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to company-specific terminology. Along with the consistent use of terminology, stylistic consistency is also an important criterion in a technical text. Both can be checked and ensured through the use of CAT tools (Computer-Aided Translation tools) as they provide translators with a variety of tools and resources to ensure quality and consistency.

I will be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding technical translation and terminology management and help you determine which services best fit your specific needs.